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Aged Care Staff Education

Introduction, Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation (ISBAR)

The ISBAR program was created through an identified need to improve communication in a clinical setting. Marathon Health has embedded the ISBAR tool and a set of Emergency Guidelines into an online training program for staff in aged care facilities to enhance communication with GPs and other health professionals, and to promote early recognition of a deteriorating resident.

ISBAR prepares clinicians to frame their clinical conversations into clear, ordered and concise dialogue so that good clinical decisions can be made and documented appropriately. To enhance the learning experience, a set of Emergency Guidelines addressing common acute medical presentations in aged care (e.g. chest pain, stroke, abdominal pain, confusion, dehydration) is included which alert staff as to when a clinical situation needs to be escalated and acted upon immediately, or when it is appropriate to report, observe and monitor.

Clinical staff will be trained in the use of the tool on site. The online training allows participants to work through the two modules of interactive material. Competency is measured using a variety of assessment tasks related to the topic. The participant engages with the activities and in most instances receives immediate feedback whilst other areas require short answer responses which are assessed by the project officer. Successful participants receive a Certificate of Achievement and two hours of professional development for registration purposes.

At the completion of staff training, a set of resources will be left in each work station in the facility. A summary of de-identified results and general feedback will be given to the facility manager or nominated contact.

As of August 2017:

Number of facilities trained: 43                  Number of RACF staff completed training: 900

For training information contact:

Natalie Menzies,
Aged Care (ISBAR) Project Officer,
(02) 6333 2800

General Feedback:

  • “Well-designed training that was easily understood and explained”

  • “I found this training to be absolutely fantastic, not only for training purposes but for refreshing the practices in my mind. After staff have completed this I feel that they will become more confident when communicating with one another”

  • “I think this training is great especially for those that are not care staff”

  • “Well suited to a mature age carer”


For more information, please contact:

Jane Blundell
Program Manager
(02) 6333 2800

Kate White
After Hours Program Officer
(02) 6333 2800


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