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Home Medication Reviews

A Home Medication Review (HMR) is designed to maximise the benefit of your medications and minimise any medication-related problems. This service is currently available in Bathurst. 

Our pharmacists will meet with you at your home, or via video, to discuss your medications, including prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements. They can assist to:

  • Work through any concerns you have with your medications, including suspected adverse effects or inadequate response to current therapy

  • Provide advice regarding safe storage of medications, including checking for expired medications

  • Ensure that medications are taken in the most effective way, including timing of doses

  • Check and provide education on the use of devices like inhalers, injections and blood glucose meters

  • Answer any of your questions about medications, including brand changes and how they work for your medical conditions

  • Provide recommendations that will assist your GP to develop a Medication Management Plan with you

Once the HMR is conducted, our pharmacists will then send a detailed report to your GP.

Would I benefit from a Home Medication Review?

You would particularly benefit from a HMR if you:

  • Take more than five regular medications

  • Have recently been discharged from hospital with medication changes

  • Have concerns about your medications

  • Are taking medications that require close monitoring

How do I organise a Home Medications Review?

A HMR can only be conducted with a referral from your GP. The HMR can be completed by an Accredited Pharmacist of your choice.

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