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Key Word Sign

Key Word Sign is the combination of manual signs and natural gesture, used to support communication. It is a simplified form of signing, designed for use with children and adults who have communication difficulties.

Key Word Sign training teaches you how to sign the key words of what you’re saying to give people with communication difficulties a visual cue, in addition to spoken words. It can be helpful for people with expressive and/or receptive communication difficulties, developmental delays, learning difficulties, disability and complex communication needs.

What do you learn at a Key Word Sign workshop?

Our Key Word Sign workshop is presented by Amy Simpkin, accredited Trainer and certified Speech Pathologist.

Training can be tailored to suit your needs or the needs of your organisation, and can be delivered virtually, or in person if you live in the Murrumbidgee area.

Key Word Sign training includes:

  • Learning approximately 100 signs and gestures that can be used in every day settings
  • An interactive, hands-on learning environment
  • Information on how signing can benefit children and adults and their learning
  • Fun practical activities to practise with workshop attendees
  • Relaxed workshop atmosphere where you can ask questions and receive expert coaching from the presenter
  • Certificate of participation
  • A copy of ‘Getting started with Key Word Sign’ book which contains most of the signs you’ll learn, in addition to any training material from the workshop

Who should attend a Key Word Sign workshop?

Anyone! Key Word Sign is all about creating an inclusive communication environment. The training is for anyone who wants to learn a new, simple way to communicate. It’s also exceptionally beneficial for:

  • Early childhood organisations
  • Schools
  • Teachers
  • Teacher’s aides
  • People working in disability
  • Parents and carers.
  • Allied health professionals

More information

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