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Ditch diets this No Diet Day

04-05-2021 Category: General Posted by: emily.roberts

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Image: Anna Winter (Dietitian) and Anna Blackie (Diabetes Educator)

Marathon Health dietitians say that diet culture instils the idea that there is only ‘one right’ body shape or size in order to be healthy, however there are many other factors that influence one’s health, not just the numbers on the scale.

Anna Winter, Marathon Health Dietitian says No Diet Day is about understanding the underlying reasons as to why we diet.

“No Diet Day is about reflecting on the underlying reasons as to why we diet. It’s about letting go of unhelpful behaviours and focusing more on behaviours that can improve our health while being kind and compassionate to ourselves,” said Ms Winter.

International No Diet Day was first celebrated in 1992, created by Mary Evans, a survivor of Anorexia Nervosa. The intention of the day is to not only present the facts about FAD diets and highlight the inefficiency of commercial diets, but to question the flawed logic of one ‘right’ body shape.

“We know that strict diets don’t work long term, and this can often make us feel like we’re failing. We want to take the focus away from weight-loss and place it on feeling healthier and improving mood, sleep patterns and overall wellbeing,” Ms Winter said.

Amy Mines, headspace Dubbo Community Engagement Coordinator says being healthy is entirely different to being a certain body size, but the impact social media and influencers have on self-esteem and overall mental health is affecting how people perceive health.

“High usage of social media has been linked to higher levels of loneliness, anxiety, depression, decreased social skills and lower self-esteem. Social media can make people feel isolated and feel the need to compare themselves with those on the internet.

But, being healthy is about building a life that makes you feel healthy physically and mentally as well as feeling great and confident, not what social media tells us is healthy,” Ms Mines said.

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