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New program aims to stop intergenerational diabetes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community

08-06-2021 Category: General Posted by: emily.roberts

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Winya Marang – a new diabetes support program by Marathon Health – supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and groups in Wellington NSW to break the intergenerational cycle of type 2 diabetes.

Indigenous Australians are three times more likely to develop diabetes than non-Indigenous Australians and are more likely to experience diabetes-related complications and hospitalisations. Winya Marang aims to change these statistics by providing a whole of family or group, stepped-care service delivery model to address diabetes management within whole families.

Alison Amor, Marathon Health Senior Diabetes Educator says it’s becoming more common to see type 2 diabetes being diagnosed in younger generations, including teenagers.

“Through Winya Marang, we’re hoping that we can see whole families change their perspectives towards their health and self-care. There are excellent role models within the community and we would like to see people learning from each other about the health issues that are really important to them,” Ms Amor said.

Winya Marang will work with families and groups to create a plan that best suits their needs which may include dietary management, cooking support, shopping on a budget, smoking cessation programs, understanding medicines, foot care, eye care, ways to be more active and sugar monitoring services.

Annette Peachey, Marathon Health Aboriginal Health Worker says so far there has been a great response to the program.

“We’ve had two information days and since spending the time building rapport with the communities, we’ve noticed participants are enthused, they’re excited about the program and asking questions. It’s really great to see,” Ms Peachey said.

For more information, please visit This service is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. 

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