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Keeping a strong mind in times of uncertainty

01-07-2021 Category: General Posted by: emily.roberts

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As COVID-19 flares up across NSW, the impact it might have on regional Australians is a concern for many. While the situation unfolds, Marathon Health encourages anyone feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed to reach out to the mental health support options available to them.

Barbara Geddes, Marathon Health Registered Psychologist says it’s really important to look after your mental health during times when we are being told to limit our face to face socialising.

“It’s important to try and stick to a routine as much as possible. Eating meals, sleeping and exercising at consistent times and maintaining social contact are so important. Keeping a routine reduces decision fatigue, which comes from having too many options,” Ms Geddes said.

Ms Geddes also said some other tips to maintaining a strong mind during these periods include exercising daily, eating well, and trying to remain connected as much as possible, whether that be via social media, FaceTime or Zoom.

Marathon Health has a range of programs available for people feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, including headspace and our Strong Minds and NewAccess programs.

With qualified practitioners available to provide support and coaching, these free services are available for people from the ages of 12. Visit and search for Strong Minds, NewAccess or headspace for more information.

Strong Minds, NewAccess and headspace are supported through funding by the Western NSW PHN as part of the Australian Government’s PHN program.

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