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Optimal Health Program – Workplace Wellbeing

The Optimal Health Program – Workplace Wellbeing (OHPWW) is an evidence-based program with validated tools that ensures participants continually build capacity to take control of managing their own wellbeing.

Designed by Optimal Health, the program will develop your critical thinking, resilience activation, self-regulation and ultimately empower you to take charge of your own health and wellbeing.

The OHPWW framework is also consistent with the national standards for recovery-oriented practice for mental health practitioners and services. Yet it is flexible enough to contextualize it to meet the needs of the individual participant or that of specific groups.

What do you learn in the Optimal Health Program – Workplace Wellbeing?

OHPWW draws upon many evidence-based practices that sit within collaborative therapy, positive psychology and wellbeing theory. It also draws upon outcome informed evidence where the participant takes ownership for their own wellbeing processes, planning and interventions.

Delivered across eight weekly or fortnightly group sessions of approximately one hour, program participants will:

  • Reflect on their own wellbeing
  • Identify their strengths and strategies essential to maintain day to day wellbeing
  • Learn to recognise early warning signs of stress and manage its impacts
  • Develop tiered health plans which include maintaining wellbeing and strategies to manage suboptimal health and plans to take charge during episodes of potential illness
  • Identify value directions to inform decision making around managing change and setting goals
  • Take time to acknowledge and celebrate achievements at each step

Your Optimal Health Program – Workplace Wellbeing coach will also provide individual coaching catch ups in between the group sessions, if you have further questions you would like to explore.

OHPWW can also be used in preventative health as well as in intervention post crisis in lieu of or complementary to other forms of EAP support.

Who should participate in the Optimal Health Program – Workplace Wellbeing?

Anyone in a workplace. OHPWW is designed for anyone who wants to understand, build and maintain a culture and community of holistic health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The program is also suitable for anyone experiencing mental health challenges including stress and anxiety. It can be used alongside traditional clinical interventions or as a standalone approach.

Where is the Optimal Health Program – Workplace Wellbeing offered?

Generally delivered in small groups or individually, the program is offered across NSW. We can deliver the Optimal Health Program – Workplace Wellbeing either face to face or virtually, dependant on location.

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