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Smoking cessation

Through a range of tailored programs, our experienced Smoking Cessation nurses can help you achieve your goals to combat smoking habits.

What services are available?

We currently offer three types of smoking cessation services:

  1. Individual or group programs – using ‘smokalyzer’ technology, you’ll receive real-time feedback to educate and motivate you to reduce your nicotine dependency. This program is a commercial fee-for service.
  2. Let’s Quit Together Program – a school-based health promotion program funded by the Cancer Institute
  3. Custom designed programs for schools and workplaces – a 10 week program that provides hands-on activities, as well as guided information and support from trained primary health care nurses

What does the program cover?

The Smoking Cessation program is age appropriate, and covers areas such as:

  • Dealing with addiction and peer pressure
  • The effects of quitting
  • Goal setting and future outlook
  • Supporting positive changes and making continued plans
  • Cannabis use
  • Referral pathways and how to access ongoing support

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