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Winanggaay Project

The Winanggaay (to know, to think, to understand) Project aims to build the school readiness of Aboriginal children, through connection of families, schools, community and services.

Delivered in Bathurst to children attending Bathurst’s Towri Multifunctional Aboriginal Children’s Services (MACS), the Winanggaay Project is a community driven program that has been co-designed with Towri staff, families and the Bathurst Aboriginal Health Network.

How does the Winanggaay Project work?

The Winanggaay Project will lay the foundation for Aboriginal preschool-aged children attending Bathurst’s Towri MACS Long Day Centre and West Bathurst Preschool, to thrive and live long healthy lives.

The overarching objective of the program is to provide primary healthcare services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, building a health system that continually improves quality and is responsive to health needs. Primary healthcare services offered include:

  • Maternal and child healthcare

  • Chronic disease prevention, detection and management

  • Supporting access to GPs, specialists, allied health and other health professionals

Through the Winanggaay Project, our team will:

  • Support Towri educators to identify barriers to learning and development vulnerabilities in all children

  • Coordinate culturally appropriate and evidence-based education and training for families and Towri educators, to improve their capability to support children to learn through improved health and wellbeing (eg healthy lunchbox demonstrations, dental presentations and speech development workshops)

  • Work in partnership with and build the capability of families to access health, wellbeing and social supports for their child, and provide them with the skills and confidence to manage the ongoing health and education needs of their children

  • Work with service providers to ensure local supports are culturally safe and accessible, and are integrated, responsive and child-centred

  • Work with local primary schools, Towri and families to communicate the individual needs of each child and ensure that any health and learning supports are in place prior to the child starting kindergarten

How do l access the Winanggaay Project?

Access to the program is via enrolment at Bathurst’s Towri Multifunctional Aboriginal Children’s Services (MACS), or West Bathurst Preschool

More information

This Indigenous Australians’ Health Program – Emerging Priorities Project received grant funding from the Australian Government.
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