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About Us

We exist so country Australians can access the best healthcare, closer to home.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been developing and delivering health and wellbeing services so country Australians can stay well and out of hospital. Today, people in more than 70 communities receive services from more than 200 staff.

Our staff live in country Australia and understand country Australians. Staff are respectful, empathetic and professional.

What do we do?

We support babies through to older Australians with many types of health issues, grouped into these areas:

  1. Aboriginal health 
  2. Aged care
  3. Children’s health
  4. Chronic disease, cancer & specific therapy
  5. Corporate health
  6. Mental health
  7. NDIS (disability).

Mental Health First Aid training is available for those needing to support someone who is experiencing mental ill-health or already diagnosed with a mental illness .

While we’re not a General Practice, we work closely with GPs and coordinate the after-hours GP clinics at Dubbo and Bathurst base hospitals.

To keep people well and out of hospital, we support an individual’s health journey through all stages. This includes:

  • promoting good choices for a healthy life
  • assisting people to understand and navigate the healthcare system
  • providing early intervention, prevention and screening 
  • providing care coordination and case management
  • delivering therapy and clinical services
  • coordinating specialist health services.

We don’t provide emergency services. For emergencies, please call triple zero.

Where do we deliver care?

We work from hubs in Bathurst, Canberra, Condobolin, Dubbo, Orange and Wagga Wagga. Staff drive or fly from these hubs to reach people living in places that are harder to reach.

Some services are provided from a General Practice or Aboriginal Medical Service. Others are provided from a partner organisation’s premises or a school. Still others are provided at home, in aged care facilities or even sitting down under a tree.

Where appropriate, we offer services over video link (telehealth).

We operate headspace centres at Bathurst, Canberra, Cowra, Dubbo, Lithgow, Orange and Queanbeyan.

What type of therapists and specialists do we have on staff?

  • Aboriginal health workers
  • alcohol and other drug workers
  • care coordinators
  • diabetes educators
  • dietitians
  • exercise therapists
  • nurses, including mental health nurses
  • occupational therapists
  • pharmacists
  • psychologists
  • psychiatrists
  • social workers
  • speech pathologists
  • vocational guides.

We collaborate with more than 60 GPs and specialists through our after-hours clinics and contracts with the Rural Doctors Network.

Who do we partner with?

Clients and the community partner with us to co-develop and refine services.

Organisations delivering welfare, education, employment or housing often turn to us to assist them to meet their clients’ health and wellbeing needs.

General Practice, hospitals, aged care facilities and government organisations partner with us to improve health outcomes and better integrate primary care (what we do) with secondary and tertiary care (what specialists and hospitals do).

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