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Health and wellbeing Posted: 14 November 2022

Improving peoples quality of life

When we arrive at Max’s group home, he greets us at the door with a wide smile and instantly quizzes me on my favourite ABBA song. I answer ‘Gimme, gimme, gimme’, he nods with approval, I have passed the first test.

Nathan Goodridge, NDIS Support Coordinator has been working with Max for over six months and describes him as a ‘character, a jokester, genuine’; a personality I can clearly see as Max shows me around his new room. There is a guitar in the corner, an affirmation board, and a photo wall of all his friends. I come to understand that Max is kind and enjoys showing people his safe space.

“Whatever Max needs, I’m there,” Nathan said.

Nathan’s role as a NDIS support coordinator is to help Max transition from adolescences to adulthood. Max has recently turned 18 and working with his public guardian, Nathan is able to ensure that Max has everything he needs to prepare for adulthood, while also ensuring that he attends school and enjoys activities that teenagers do.

Support coordinators like Nathan work in unison with a range of providers and services. In Max’s case, Nathan works with the NDIS, public guardian, Supported Independent Living services and other local NDIS providers to ensure that Max has support and lives a happy and fulfilling life.

“We have developed a bond and I enjoy calling in to see how he is settling into his new group home.

Max enjoys music and regularly jams out on the guitar, my aim is to source a set of drums so he will have a whole band set up,” Nathan said.

Max shows us the empty garage where his future drum set will be placed.

“I love my role because I can help people that may not have the capacity to support themselves or know how to navigate the NDIS,” Nathan said.

As the visit comes to an end Max asks Nathan what the best part of his day was. To which Nathan responds, “Seeing you Max, what about you?”

With a big smile Max reply, “You coming to visit has been the highlight of my day.”

For anyone transitioning from teenager to adulthood, it can be difficult but with the help from Nathan and other supports Max is happy at school and spending his afternoons in his new bedroom with his guitar, the spot in the garage is patiently waiting for the set of drums to arrive.

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