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Mental Health

Marathon Health provides a range of mental health services. These key programs can currently be accessed through Marathon Health: 

Please see the relevant areas of the Marathon Health website or contact the Mental Health Team at Marathon Health for more information on these programs. 

Please note that Better Access (Medicare) services are not provided by Marathon Health, you should talk to your GP or Mental Health Provider about Medicare rebates for mental health services.


Information Line: (02) 6826 5271




Secure fax: (02) 6882 7224

Secure ARGUS email:

headspace Enquiries

headspace Operations Manager: Peter Rohr

headspace Phone: (02) 6338 1100

headspace Fax: (02) 6338 1199


PIR Enquiries

Partners In Recovery (PIR) Manager: Megan Callinan

Information Line: (02) 6826 5273



Strong Minds in Murrumbidgee Enquiries

Information Line: (02) 6937 2000


Strong Minds in Murrumbidgee Referrals

Referrals for this program are received by the MPHN Central Intake Service, in partnership with the client and the referring clinician

Phone: (02) 6923 3195

Secure Fax Line: (02) 6921 9911


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